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Keep Your Eyes On Israel… And on Jesus!

“The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before that great and glorious Day of the Lord.” Acts 2:20

Great part of the world watched last night, as the moon turned blood red in the first of four cosmic events that will take place in the next 18 months. Nasa has identified the dates of the Tetrad as April 15th and October 8th of this year, and April 4 and September 28th of next year.

In his latest book “The Four Blood Moons”, pastor John Hagee uses historical data pertaining the last three appearances of the tetrad as coinciding with the first day of the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkoth (Feast of the Tabernacles). In each of these occurrences, dramatic events took place affecting Israel in 1492, 1948 and 1967. After reading his book and the historical evidences below, I became convinced that something dramatic will happen in the Middle East in the next 18 months, which will impact the entire world:

  • In 1492, Queen Isabella of Spain, in her fierce persecution against the Jews, expelled them from the country. On that same year, Columbus discovered America, which became a safe haven for all Jews
  • In 1948, the nation of Israel was reborn. After the tragedy of the holocaust, God brought His people together from 66 different countries back to the Promised Land.
  •    In 1967, in a series of miraculous events, Israel won the Six-Day War and took possession of the city of Jerusalem once again. For the first time in almost 2,000 years, Jerusalem and the state of Israel were reunited.

As God lines up the moon, the sun and earth in the skies once again, displaying a phenomenon which portraits the prophesy of Joel 2:10, reiterated by Peter and John in the books of Acts and Revelations (Acts 2:20 and Revelations 6:12), we must stop and wonder – Is something dramatic about to happen?

Our oldest daughter was voicing her fears regarding the Four Blood Moons this past weekend, after our pastor acknowledged this cosmic event and its biblical significance. And I know many of God’s people are somehow fearful of what may be about to happen to Israel and to America, as our country’s government has slowly taken a weak position regarding the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

As for me, call me crazy, but I could not be more excited.

I’m excited to live at a time when we can see all the pieces falling into place, preparing us for the coming of our Lord. I’m excited to be called His daughter and therefore know that I am secure in Him. Furthermore, I know He is not caught by surprise in anything. The story unfolding before our eyes has been written by the prophets, inspired by God. Rather than fear, it should strengthen our faith and our resolve to tell the world that there is One God and His Name is Jehovah, the God of Israel. And One Savior, Christ the Messiah. Our Redeemer.

This week, as the first Blood Moon occurred, God’s chosen people started the Passover celebration, commemorating the lamb sacrifice in Exodus, where the Angel of Death passed over Israel while the firstborn in Egypt were slain.

On the same week, billions of Christians all over the world celebrate the day the Lord Yeshua, our Lamb, was crucified to pay our sin debt in full.

And as the skies are painted with Heavenly warnings, telling the world something is about to happen, we can rejoice that our Passover Lamb is alive.

Conquered the grave…

Defeating fear…

He is holding the key of death and Hades…

And a Book with my name in it.

Other than a time to worry, fret or panic about the future, this is a time for God’s people to rejoice, be on alert with prayer and thanksgiving, purifying our hearts and lives, as the bride that gets ready to receive her Groom.

Are you ready for the wedding celebration? Whether it is in our lifetime or 100 years from now, no one knows (2 Peter 3:10). We, the bride of Christ, must be ever ready to receive Him, so that, when He returns, He finds us unblemished, strong and faithful.

This week, as we celebrate Easter, may we recommit our lives to the One who sacrificed all to save us. May we rejoice in His power and sovereignty, displayed in the Heavens for all earth to see. May we vow to faithfully follow the One who defeated the grave and holds the universe in the hollow of His mighty hand.

May we be ready for His glorious return.

And to Him be the Glory and Honor and Power. Today and forevermore.

He is alive! Alive Indeed!


Verses to Ponder:

“Watch out! Don’t let your hearts be dulled by carousing and drunkenness, and by the worries of this life. Don’t let that day catch you unaware, like a trap. For that day will come upon everyone living on the earth.  Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21:34-36 (NLT)

“So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return. V.13” Read the entire parable: Matthew 25:1-14

As they were talking about these things, Jesus himself stood among them, and said to them, “Peace to you!” But they were startled and frightened and thought they saw a spirit. And he said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts? See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me, and see. For a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.” Luke 24:36-39 (ESV)

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